Refunds and Exchange

Refunds are only available for merchandise that have been received damaged or non functional by defection before the consumer uses the product.  Damaged or defective products must be reported before use and proven damaged or defected by sending in a picture to the company email. Upon review, the customer will receive a reply either by phone or email to settle the refund in completion. If the damaged or defected item is reported by phone verbally, there must be follow up emails sent by LATC INC to the consumer with a written agreement of refund information for the customer to agree to and send back to LATC INC. These terms are for retail, wholesale, and distribution customers.

LATC INC does not allow an  exchange to retail customers for any merchandise sold. If the consumer is able to come into our storefront located at 419 E. 4th st. Los Angeles, Ca. 90013 with an unused and undamaged product, these terms may change.

Wholesale and distribution customers must call us or come into our storefront to hear exchange terms and conditions.